Ask Violin PadmaWhat is Bani ?
Violin PadmaViolin Padma Staff asked 9 months ago

What is Bani ?

1 Answers
Violin PadmaViolin Padma Staff answered 9 months ago

Bani is a Way . It is a Path. Bani is also a judicious mix. It has the mix of Intellect , heart , beauty and aesthetics and all this with values. All these together form the Bani , We cannot measure how much of each of these ingredients. It depends on each one’s knowledge and experience. It grows and matures with time. But the foundation should be solid . Bani lives beyond time.You can teach this to disciples /students. Many are influenced by Bani even without being direct disciples. Bani should be purposeful. Has it enhanced music and musicalities? It should enhance without compromising on tradition

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