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Instrument v/s voice

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Violin PadmaViolin Padma Staff answered 2 years ago

Violinist Padma Shankar offers a fresh viewpoint. “When instrumentalists play, lyrics take a back seat. Unless a rasika is familiar with a kriti, he may not be interested in a song that is played on an instrument. That’s not the case with vocalists. In my solo concerts, I make it a point to give a prelude before every song and explain its nuances.” She then demonstrates different interpretations of the line ‘Samaanamaagumaa’ from the song, ‘Sabapathikku,’ and continues, “Sahitya bhava is very important. As a solo artist, my style will be tangentially different from the way I play when I accompany. In fact, more than violin solos, duets are more welcome as there is certain amount of drama involved in our exchanges. And rasikas seem to like it. Reverse is the trend when it comes to concerts for weddings and corporate houses. Here, instrumental music is preferred. At present, the order of preference is thus: vocal, flute, violin duet, violin solo and veena. After all, instruments have no barriers and act as bridges of culture. Organisers will have to understand this.”

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