Ask Violin PadmaHow do we know if the child is practicing correctly?
Kumar asked 2 years ago

My daughter is very keen on learning Carnatic music. But none of us at home have any idea about this.  How do we make sure that she is practicing correctly ? 

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Violin PadmaViolin Padma Staff answered 2 years ago

 Thank you for asking this question as this is one thing that crosses every parent’s mind. We always have an answer to check back and see whether it is math or science . We can refer to the correct answer and see if the child has got the answer right . 
Here in ViP (ViolinPadma) academy of music, we have video lessons for every topic. Video lessons which demonstrates in detail from how to hold the violin , how to place it , how to hold the bow, what exercises to do for strengthening bow hold and so forth. At the end of the learning , there is also a play along where the student can play with the video . Here the student can assess for themselves how much more practice is needed. You will also be able to help your child by pausing the play along at short intervals and asking them to repeat it till they are sounding better. 

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