Ask Violin PadmaCan an adult learn violin ?
Suresh asked 2 years ago

I am 40 years old and have always wanted to learn the violin . We were staying at a place where we did not get a good teacher. I want to start learning now ? Is it possible to start now ? 

1 Answers
Violin PadmaViolin Padma Staff answered 2 years ago

 Of course. There is no age to start learning at all . You would have heard people say that you need to start early to pick up music.  The reason for this is only that as children we have less responsibilities and can focus on practise more as we have more time at our disposal . But as adults we have the maturity to understand better and know the value of time more. So you can surely start even now . But how quickly and how well you will learn is entirely determined by you only . The more time you spend,  the more skilled you will be on the violin. 

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