Redeem Musical Points

Redeem Musical Points

ViP Fan Program

An Initative for music lovers


Earn ViP musical points on our website and redeem them for freebies

We make it easy to earn and redeem so that everyone can earn freebies from ViP

You can earn as many points as you want . No money needed.

Register into ViP Fans club –  100 MP (musical points )

Complete your profile  – 200 MP (musical points )

Visit the fans page  – Every comment you make earns you 10 MP ( you can only make 1 comment  per picture / video )

Do the simple and fun ABC quizzes –  Each completed quiz gets you 20 MP ( Scores do not matter here)

Ask Violin Padma  –  Clear your musical doubts with Violin Padma – Every question gets you 50 points. ( You can ask only one question per week)

We have already jump started your earnings  by crediting your account with 100 vip musical points . Once you have 1000 MP (musical points) in your account  you can redeem it for a beautiful violin ringtone (exclusively played by me only for ViP Fans) at the end of month.

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