Janta Varisais

Janta Varisais or double note exercises



This Lesson Package teaches you to play double notes and contains demonstration videos . Each varisai has been taught as a separate video for easy understanding and practice. In addition you have a practice video for the raga Shankarabaranam also .


The learner should already know to hold the violin properly and bow smoothly across the open strings and should have played the sarali varisai lessons. In case you do not know this, please go to the starter pack – Everybody can play the violin and the sarali varisai lesson.


What you will learn:

At the end of this lesson package you will be able to play the janta varisais in two speeds in two ragas , Mayamalavagowla and Shankarabaranam

Who can benefit?

1.Any student of violin who wants to learn to play the janta varisais

  1. Any student who has learnt the notes but needs more guidance and practice . Here you have detailed video instructions in two ragas.


Cost of this Package is Rs 2000  only.

To buy this package please Call/Whatsapp   9884198930