Everybody can Play the Violin – Starter Pack

Everybody can Play the Violin


Learn a practical and systematic way of learning the fundamentals .Become one with the violin and really start enjoying music. Learn at your own pace, you are in control of your learning. Playing violin should be fun, natural and comfortable.



This is the first step in learning to play the violin. The basic fundamental step by step instruction to kick start your violin playing. So all you need for this is loads of enthusiasm, passion for music and of course a violin to play.



What you will learn (video lessons for each is available in the package)

  1. How to hold the violin bow correctly
  2. Simple exercises to strengthen the bow hold
  3. How to hold the violin correctly
  4. How to adjust the strings and how to tune violin
  5.  How to play on the open strings like a real violinist and learn do’s and don’ts.
  6. How to place the first seven notes on the violin and play it

Cost of this Package is Rs 1000  only.

To buy this package please Call/Whatsapp   9884198930